5 Best Socks For Men

Picking The 5 Best Socks For Men In 2017

Today I have curated the 5 best socks for men into one post. Here I will talk about the softest socks on the market, the best designed socks, the best no-show socks, the most popular socks, the best neutral sock and to finish it up, I pick the best value socks for you. However they all deserve to be among the 5 best socks for men.

Lustbox 5 best socks for men

Bold and playful socks have gotten extremely popular the last 5 years and it doesn’t seem to stop there. More and more brands are popping up on the market and are trying to grab a market share from the 2 biggest players in the game, Stance and Happy socks. At LustBox we have worked with socks brands of all different magnitudes, but have decided to not include these 2 giants into our portfolio, as we wish to bring new and unique socks to our members and help smaller businesses grow along with us. brands we have worked with have produced their socks in China, Italy, Portugal, South Korea, Turkey and USA. This doesn’t necessary define the quality of the socks, however it is important for you to understand the price tag that you will find on the product.